Friday 26 March 2010

A Tale of Marrakech part 2

This morning we drove to the city with a time bound schedule of things to do and not surprisingly we managed to do nothing at all! Marrakech has a sixth sense for people visiting in a hurry; don’t try it because you’ll end up with nothing but frustration and the urge to start screaming!

Today the city seemed even more buoyant than ever. The roads leading to Gueliz were temporarily blocked for a biking event finishing in the heart of the new town. On every roundabout or turn policemen were fanatically blowing their whistles, pointing and redirecting traffic like flags in a hurricane leaving us clueless of which direction to turn. And typical of traffic in Marrakech, an impossible situation always unravels itself and you’re of to the next jam.

Marrakech is a humming beehive. In the pandemonium of its city life there is an indistinct flow. Once you find yourself in it the confusion dissolves and you’ll discover that the city has all you need and more. Offer it your patience and Marrakech rewards like opening a treasure chest.

Besides the annual film festival and the Tour du Maroc which passes through, Marrakech now also has the Marrakech Grand Prix with its racing track running on the road along the old city wall towards the Valley of Ourika. This location has spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains making it without a doubt one of the most beautiful circuits worldwide. Marrakech the Monte Carlo of Africa but then so much more interesting!

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