Wednesday 24 March 2010

Desperate measures

Marrakech is developing at high speed. Not only is the city expanding with numerous development projects outside its city borders but it is also modernising rapidly. The city has many faces; extravagance and religious conservatism seem to go hand in hand. Traditions are remarkably well preserved and apparently remain undisturbed by the latest fashion trends. It breaths tolerance and invites innovation.

Throughout the city billboards advertise a new development project of luxury homes a little beyond Marrakech along route d’Ourika. A huge photo of Eva Longoria with her written recommendation across the advertisement blends in well in the bustling city but the billboards along route d’Ourika seem a little out of place in the conservative countryside. The vaguely visible cleavage of the Desperate Housewives star obviously stirred up controversy and sufficient measures have been taken. The cause of annoyance has been well disguised with black paint on every single billboard along the way!

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