Wednesday 1 June 2011

The Beautiful South, Skoura And A Thousand Kasbah's

Far beyond Marrakech and across the High Atlas Mountains lies a world of a thousand kasbah’s, green palm oases and yellow desert sand. Once upon a time, oh so many years ago, the younger version of me fell in love with the beautiful south.

I hadn’t been to the south for a while and until last week I had forgotten what I know. A short visit to Skoura reminded me of the magic of the valley of a thousand kasbah’s, the picturesque scenery of the landscape and the sweetness of the friendly locals. It reminded me that I am still so in love with the beautiful south.

The fortified city (ksar) Aït Benhaddou

The kasbah in Tamdaght

The beautiful kasbah Amahidil

Zohra playing with a cat inside kasbah Amahidil

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  1. Even een berichtje plaatsen, vanaf deze kant kan het wel :)
    Altijd leuk om je prachtige foto's te kijken.