Colorful Moroccan Carpets

Welcome to the Colorful Moroccan carpets boutique. Below a selection of some of the beautiful hand picked vintage carpets that we currently have available. 

If you see a carpet that you like please email me at for more details. 

We dispatch worldwide with a courier company at excellent rates. Shipment to Europe usually takes between 3 to 5 days. Shipment to the US and Australia 4 to 6 days. 

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MR254 Absolutely gorgeous and plush Beni Mrirt carpet! The focus of this patternless carpet is on a beautiful palette of abrashed magenta, wine red, burgundy and a hint of purple. The carpet is incredibly densely knotted with 100% wool and feels wonderfully soft and cozy under foot. Newly handknotted with first quality wool and excellent quality weaving. Nicely finished with a flatwoven band and twirled fringes in contrasting light magenta.
Medium pile, all wool. The carpet is in excellent condition.
Approx. 400 x 322 cm (4,00 x 3.22 meters)
€ 1.800 / US$ 1.955

TSH16 Absolutely exquisite and rare vintage Talsint Hanbel (flatweave) from the Aït Bou Ichaouen tribe with two weaving techniques. The flatwoven surface with vivid color striping is decorated with longer knotted pile. The composition shows verticale bands with intricate checkered pattern and strings of abstract female lozenges holding smaller motifs.
Main colors are magenta, faded orange, deep pastel green and cornflower blue.
All wool. This carpet is truly a collectors piece! In very good condition.
560 cm x 160 cm (5,60 x 1,60 meters)
€ 2.800 / US$ 3.000

TLISS01 Adorable small Tliss hanbel (flatweave) carpet from the Taznakt region. Woven with goat hair and sheep wool in a palette of natural brown, ivory and henna orange. With beautiful silver grey fringes on both ends.
The carpet is in excellent condition.
Approx. 140 x 72 cm (1,40 x 0,72 meters)
€ 225 / US$ 235

ZY72 Superb and absolutely gorgeous vintage Zayani carpet with very detailed and intricate patterning typical of the Zayani carpets. Densely knotted in a fantastic palette of magenta, cerulean blue, flaming orange and ivory. Medium pile, all wool. This carpet is over all in very good condition.
It has visible age wear at the fringe which can be very nicely repaired if preferred.
Approx. 318 x 200 cm (3,18 x 2,00 meters)
€ 1.200 / US$ 1.305

ZY78 Beautiful and intricately patterned older vintage Zayani carpet. The carpet is densely knotted with a background in partially charcoal ending in a gorgeous color abrash of light natural colors. The patterns are accentuated with cornflower blue, magenta, faded jade green and orange. Nicely finished with colorful tufting. Low to medium pile, all wool. The carpet is in good condition but has areas with minor age wear. This does however not distract for the beauty of the carpet!
Approx. 306 x 174 cm (3,06 x 1,74 meters)
€ 1.200 / US$ 1.305

HZ80 Vintage Haouz carpet with a background densely knotted in a color abrash of tones in warm orange, highlighted with bright orange at the borders. The exquisite composition shows a central string of female lozenges in light beige, pale yellow, brown and a subtle touch of faded violet. flanked by patterned borders and a minimalistic zigzag line.
On both sides a flatwoven band with colored striping. Lower pile, all wool. This carpet is in very good condition.

Approx. 370 x 166 cm (3,70 x 1,66 meters)
€ 1.200 / US$ 1.305

ZY77 Beautiful and intricately patterned vintage Zayani carpet. A densely knotted lower piled carpet with a stunning background in flaming orange and discreetly visible pattern in black, brown, light beige and faded turquoise. With double lined female lozenge pattern holding smaller variations and Berber symbols. 
All wool.  This carpet is in very good condition.
Approx. 320 x 198 cm (3,20 x 1,98 meters)
€ 1.200 / US$ 1.305

MR98 Vintage Beni Mrirt carpet densely knotted in shades of warm orange with very subtle color abrash. The minimalistic pattern in pale yellow. With long multicolored fringes. Medium pile. This carpet is in very good condition.
Approx. 300 x 167 cm (3,00 x 1,67 meters)
€ 1.100 / US$ 1.195

AZ120 Beautiful vintage Azrou carpet with sparkling metal sequins. Very refined flatwoven carpet from the Middle Atlas mountain region. Berber symbols woven in red, dark blue and white. In very good condition.
Approx. 330 x 160 cm (3,30 x 1,60 meters)
€ 800 / US$ 870

TSH04 Vintage Talsint Hanbel carpet from the Middle Atlas Mountain region. All wool and in very good condition.
Approximately 290 x 160 cm (2,90 x 1,60 meters) (9.5 feet long x 5.2 feet wide)
Price € 400 / US$ 435


  1. Hello, could you kindly advise the dimensions and price of the first rug on the coloured rug page -- RH01 Vintage Rehamna carpet.

    1. Hi Rebecca, apologies for being soooo slow! Details have been added under the RH01 image. If you have any other questions please drop me a line. Best wishes, Danielle

  2. Hi, Is the 4th carpet down for sale BJ05? Thanks

    1. Hi, yes this carpet is for sale. I will add the details shortly. All the best, Danielle

  3. Hi,
    I love your rug selection! Could you please tell me if TSH10, TSH09 and TSH07 are still available. If so what is the estimated shipping cost to UK for one?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Angelique, thank you for stopping by! All three of the carpets that you have listed are still available. If you send me your email address I'll be happy to send you a shipping quote per carpet. Please contact me at All best wishes, Danielle

  4. Great !!! This is so phenomenal!!!That is very impressive! Carpets are gorgeous and the makeover is totally amazing. I love it. You really did a super job with the Carpets! I use to do buy online Carpets as its time saving.