Saturday 6 June 2020

When We Travel Again - Ourika Valley

Beyond Marrakech is located in the middle of the Ourika Valley, tucked away behind pink walls and greenery. A small sign near the entrance reveals our presence but we like to keep things a little quiet. When we travel again we love to welcome our visitors by appointment.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Home Decor And A Moroccan Leather Pouffe

Moroccan leather pouffes are a great addition in any space! They combine wonderfully in different interiors whether modern, classic or bohemian and can be used for seating, as side or coffee table, a luxurious foot stool, decor element or any other way you wish! 

We are happy to introduce a new variant to our home decor accessories. Easily incorporated in any interior this large contemporary design Moroccan pouffe. Handmade and double layered with first quality natural tanned leather and a strong zipper at the bottom for easy filling. 
Measures approx. 90 x 45 cm when fully stuffed. 

In addition to the natural tanned color this design can be custom made in various other colors. 

Available on the website here

Sunday 8 July 2018

Beni Mguild Carpet, Vintage Meets Modern Art

Superb and rare vintage Beni Mguild carpet for floor decor and artistic appreciation. This unique and generously sized piece displays a large grid pattern with symmetry in order of colors in an abrashed palette of charcoal, magenta, pink, bordeaux and truffel shifting to coral at the ending. Refined lines in ivory accentuate and separate the patterns. And there is more than meets the initial eye with three tiny, almost hidden lozenge motifs with subtle pops of violet, pink, orange, charcoal and blue. 



Available on the website 

Saturday 21 April 2018

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Moods

Check our website for a wedding blanket selection. We have more than 200 blankets in our collection. If you can not find your dream blanket on our website please contact us and we will be happy to search our offline collection. 

Thursday 19 April 2018

New Collection of Contemporary Beni Mrirt Carpets

A carpet for every space! Below a selection of our new collection contemporary Beni Mrirt carpets. Each carpet is a one of a kind piece, handknotted and excellent wool quality. 
For details please contact us at or visit our website

MR370 Beni Mrirt carpet - measures approx. 260 x 207 cm

MR371 Beni Mrirt carpet - measures approx. 318 x 205 cm

MR368 Beni Mrirt carpet - measures approx. 310 x 200 cm

MR372 Beni Mrirt carpet - measures approx. 345 x 250 cm

MR361 Beni Mrirt carpet - measures approx. 260 x 147 cm