Wednesday 6 April 2011

Handira, A Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Here is a little secret which you might like to know about if you're looking for a Handira! My latest fetish and I’m afraid an incurable one, is collecting Handira’s also known as Moroccan Wedding Blankets. They are precious pieces of ethnic women’s art and becoming increasingly popular for home décor.

In short the Handira is a large woollen shawl which is hand woven in the homes of the Berber women in the Middle Atlas Region and used on special occasions such as weddings. Traditional designs, typical of this region and based on the diamond grid, are woven into the blankets.

The Handira is often decorated with numerous sparkly metal sequins which jingle magically when the blanket is touched. And if one word truly describes the Handira than it is magic! Each piece is unique, a piece of art, created by women who design the blankets within the traditions of their tribe.

An old tradition has become a new trend in the world of interior design and the Handira's fame continues to rise on other continents. A vintage Handira is nowadays a much sought after item in Morocco and finding a beautiful blanket (almost) stain free and in good condition is not that easy anymore. As a result of the great demand new Handira’s are being manufactured for commercial purposes but to me they seem soulless. They lack the ethnic spirit of the vintage blankets, or maybe the talismanic powers which are said to be woven into the threads and bring good fortune and protection against the evil eye.

Looking for a gorgeous (wedding) gift or want to add some Handira magic to your life have a look in the Handira Boutique or drop me an email at for further details and availability. I have some beautiful blankets for sale and I promise you that my prices will be a pleasant surprise!

                                                            Handira with lots of sequins 

                                                Beautiful embroidery on a reversible Handira



  1. Hi, I'm very interested in buying a handira. Can you e-mail me with some photos and prices?

  2. Hello Titi, can you mail me your e-mail address? I'll be happy to mail you photo's and prices of the beautiful Handira's I have available at the moment.

  3. can you also email me prices and pictures as well..