Saturday 23 April 2011

Berber Life

What better way to de-stress than a steep walk into the Atlas Mountains! And so we did, on a bright Sunday morning we set of with a dear Italian friend and his guests to enter the world of the Amazigh Berber people.

A Berber girl with her goats
From Dar Zohra, across the river, it takes a mere fifteen minutes to arrive into the silence and after thirty minutes all worldly sounds have vanished until all you hear are the whistling birds and the sound of sand grinding underneath the sole of your shoe. An hour later I had forgotten all my worries about the upcoming opening of the guesthouse and I felt wonderfully liberated from my endless flow of thoughts!

The Douar

Our goal was a distant douar (Berber village), pressed high against the back of a mountain and only accessible by foot. The village is still self sufficient but electricity will soon be transmitted to this rural community.

Entrance to the village

Narrow alley in the village

A welcome at the house of Lahcen

Zohra enjoying a cool breeze


The kitchen where our lunch was cooked

Also the kitchen

Entrance of the house of Lahcen

The room where the family eats and sleeps

Beautiful rug, typical for this region

A weaving loom

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