Tuesday 13 April 2010

Where The Road Ends

Today we drove to the end of the road, from our house a 20 minute curvy drive up the mountains. The road literally ends just a little beyond the village of Setti Fatma the starting point for a climb up to the waterfalls. The village itself is crowded with very basic lodgings and numerous restaurants along the river bedding and it is a popular destination for Moroccan families from Marrakech who come to spend the Sunday in the countryside.

Once you leave behind the asphalt and the tumult of Setti Fatma, a sandy road leads passed a few desolate houses and a little further the road ends completely. Via a stony track along the river it is possible to walk endlessly through untouched nature all the way up to Lac Ifni and Oukaimden. A marvellous slice of paradise awaits those who take the small effort to find it.

This afternoon we strolled into the wonderful quietness at the end of the road, with great views of the mountain peaks, still slightly covered with snow. A small adventure for Zohra who absolutely loves to explore nature’s many surprises.

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  1. Zohra SI E Fatta grandeeee ... in questo la foto VEDO Molto PiĆ¹ alta