Tuesday 20 April 2010

Dar Zohra Progress, A Milestone!

We’ve been in Essaouira this week, checking the woodwork progress and trying to silence our overflowing minds for creative thinking. The time has come for us to decide on the furniture for the guesthouse and instead of buying everything ready made we have come up with some great designs of our own. In the meantime the construction of the guesthouse continued under the supervision of Brahim and we came home to find surprising progress!

The entrance gate to our guesthouse is finished! It is a beautiful arch made of stone with a width of 4 meters! For us this really is a milestone, it is the doorway to our guesthouse and terrace. All the entrance needs now are the two wooden doors which are being made in Essaouira as we speak. It is finally, finally, beginning to look for real.

I am so thrilled about it that I can’t help myself bragging about it a little more! The entrance is amazing; as one stands before it a spectacular view behind it already shows through the doorway. The blue sky above the arch just seems to light up against the contrasting colours of the stone work but the biggest surprise awaits when one passes through the entrance and the panorama spreads out before your eyes. My own experience is that it feels as if you’re stepping into a great openness, almost surreal causing a faint dizziness. However hard I try I simply can't get this sensation across on an image. You'll just have to come and see it yourself!

A second team of workmen has been working hard in the garden below and the stairs from the upper garden towards the swimming pool is now almost finished. It won’t be long before we can start planting the rose bushes and Bougainville.


  1. L'Arco Mi Piace ma quest'ultima foto no, quella della SIA Penso piscina, La Vista Che C'E Dietro DEVE Essere arricchita non solo da fiori ma ANCHE da Alberi Tipo Palme. se puoi fai delle foto colomba posso vedere di Più.

  2. Perchè così non ANCHE SE SONO queste foto Molto belle ed Il paesaggio stupendo e, guardandole non ho ONU Senso di tranquillità ma di Parlato