Monday 28 November 2011

Moroccan Wedding Blanket, A Sparkling Christmas Gift

Just before the roads of the Middle Atlas Mountains closed due to the heavy snowfall some beautiful vintage Moroccan wedding blankets came my way. They will be the last new arrivals before Christmas because the rural Berber villages in the mountains are now unreachable. 

Look at these amazing blankets! They are truly vintage, some of them quiet old and all of them in good condition. Wouldn’t a Moroccan wedding blanket make a wonderful sparkling Christmas gift?

H247 Absolutely stunning! One of kind and so hard to find this beautiful vintage Moroccan wedding blanket! So many sparkly sequins! This blanket sings and jingles when lifted.

H250 So soft and fluffy this lovely Moroccan wedding blanket!

H254 Very beautiful and heavy Morccan wedding blanket which still has the shoulder straps.

H258 Prefer a snowy white blanket with a touch of color? Look at this beauty and the very pretty sequined patterns!

H245 My current favorite! Nice and large and wonderfully luscious and shaggy! 

H253 Such a sweety! This Moroccan wedding blanket has it all! Sparkles, patterned bands and the shoulder straps still attached.

H255 Gorgeous older vintage Moroccan wedding blanket! Lots of  sparks and  jingle!

To see more Moroccan wedding blankets please click here. For more details please drop me a line

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