Monday 19 September 2011

Discovering Myths And Truths Of Berber Culture

Some of you may be wondering about the long silence on our blog. I haven't posted for a while and neither have I published some of the beautiful new arrivals on the Handira Boutique yet. We've been travelling in the Middle Atlas Mountain region of Moroccan visiting rural Berber villages and gathering information about some of the traditions such as the Moroccan wedding blanket.

This year we've taken the time to visit the annual Imilchil wedding festival on which I will post in the very near future. We've spoken with many people at local village markets and the hospitality of the Berber people and their readiness to share knowledge of their culture and old traditions has been amazing!

We still have a few places to visit before we return to the Valley of Ourika but already this journey of discovery has proven valuable and highly interesting. Not only did we hand pick some very lovely Handiras from the source, we also learned about the myths and truths of some of the ancient Berber traditions.

Young women with colorful new design Handiras at the Imilchil annual moussem

For my collection of Moroccan wedding blankets please click here.

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