Sunday 13 January 2013

Magical Essaouira

Mystical and magical Essaouira, history breathes hauntingly through the streets of this town. Dark, small alleys and the many arches whisper tales of times long gone by and it only needs a little imagination to visualise the caravan trade from sub-Saharan Africa that once arrived in this eighteenth century port.

Essaouira has inherited a wonderful blend of cultural influences from the diverse ethnical groups that have inhabited the town. The Arabs, Berbers, Jews, Africans and Europeans have all contributed to the rich heritage of old traditions and the artistic spirit of this town.

Essaouira is one of the most photogenic towns of Morocco, colourful, dramatic, enchanting and always ready for the perfect pose! 


  1. That looks so beatiful!! Everything looks so clean & white washed...must be the Sun!! I could use some of that right now... I love the handcarved wood from there too...doors furniture...just beautiful... Nice post Thanks :)

    1. Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment Linda! Hope all is well at your end! Take care, Danielle

  2. Truly beautiful! such stunning images.


  3. Nice images! I really liked Essaouira. Found it to be a little calmer than Marrakesh and being on the cost the air a little fresher. A charming fishing village with lots to offer.