Friday 14 September 2012

South Where The Heart Is; The Desert

Another season is slowly ending. It has been a long and wonderful summer, very hot too! A summer with time to reflect about the present and to evaluate our plans for the future. More than that there was time to connect with the past, to embrace old friends and take long walks down memory lane. Time to spend with the people that have known me for many years and with whom I share memories that reunite me with my younger self.   

A summer with time to travel to one of my favourite places in Morocco, the desert. A place far beyond Marrakech and across the High Atlas Mountains. A journey on the road along the many lush palm groves of the Draa Valley and stunning old Berber villages. A place where it all started, where I fell incurably in love with Morocco and where my life slowly began to change.

This summer I seized the opportunity to travel to this special place with Zohra. To share with her the magnificent sand dunes, to ride a camel into the desert and listen to the silence. To sleep in a Kasbah and to experience the heartfelt hospitality of the beautiful South. 


  1. Geez, I've always felt a slightly nagging jealousy about you living in Marrakech. Now it's official: I AM jealous! ;-)) I've never managed to go to the (Moroccan) desert, and I've always wanted to. You're a lucky girl! Send you my best, hoping you'll have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Dieter, thanks for stopping by! Any excuse will do to visit the beautiful south! I'l be your guide whenever you want to experience the Moroccan desert!

  3. Such freedom and love in these pictures, it's so wonderful when you can share places and memories with loved ones for the first time x

  4. Hi Cheska, thank you for visiting and your lovely comment!