Thursday 19 April 2012

A Sad Little Tale Of Goodbye

Today I feel sad, so sad. I know the value of a cheerful story but sometimes it helps to share a thought or two that weighs heavy on the heart. Today my heart feels sorrowed, perhaps a little lost too. Today as the sun rose in all its magnificent glory I knew it would be another day of saying goodbye, letting go again.

My life is a blessing and I have all my heart could possibly desire. I often feel like a Sunday’s child, born with more than a fair share of fortune and a lion’s heart to combat the difficulties that inevitably make the path of life a bitter sweet experience. I believe that life is a creation and that each and every one of us is the artist. I also believe that I am not solely a defenceless victim of circumstance, my happiness depends on me.

It truly is a wonderful experience to travel and live in Morocco. I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me, the goodwill and trust of kind and complete strangers, the sweet encouragements of dear and distant friends and the challenges that allow me to discover the length of my abilities and limits. But there is a dark side too; an irreconcilable sad side that sometimes casts a shadow over all that joy. Something that always makes me cry however hard I try not to. And it happened again today, the airport, a suitcase, a kiss, a hug, a turn, one more kiss, a wave, goodbye. 


  1. So many times in my expat life have I experienced these goodbyes, leaving myself (from Holland and US) or saying goodbye to visitors who've come to where I live. You never get used to it, and these goodbyes are especially difficult as parents get older. (Mijn moeder met tranen in haar ogen als ik weer wegging.)

    1. Hi Karen,
      So true! I never get used to saying goodbye to family and friends and it doesn't get any easier! Despite that I wouldn't want to live without my adventures though! Loved your post on Turkish cow and pancake ladies!