Friday 21 October 2011

Revival Of The Moroccan Leather Pouffe

Once upon a long time ago, on one of my first visits to the souk of Marrakech, I bought just about everything I could carry to bring back to The Netherlands, including a Moroccan leather pouffe. The Moroccan lanterns lasted, the kilims have become real vintage pieces and lots of ceramic pieces have survived but the Moroccan leather pouffe didn’t get to stay with us very long. It blended in well in our living room, even looked great, but we just couldn’t get used to the stench of goat leather which perfumed the whole ground floor of the house.

It only needs a little research to discover that the leather pouffes can be found in different qualities. Two things are very important when you are considering to buy a Moroccan leather pouffe. The first is the quality of leather and the second is the quality of the zipper at the bottom of the pouffe. When you combine the best quality genuine leather and a strong expensive zipper with the craftmenship to please a king, you’ll get the finest Moroccan leather pouffes available.

And so we did.

All our pouffes are made of first quality genuine leather (no smells), finest quality zippers and are entirely hand stitched. We have pouffes available in many colors, traditional style or contemporary style. We also custom make a Moroccan leather pouffe in any size, color or style you wish.

Beautiful Moroccan leather pouffe in white
with hand embroidered design.

Any color combination is possible!

Beautiful Moroccan leather pouffe in black and 
white with exquisite hand embroidery.

Vintage style natural undyed leather Moroccan pouffe.

Look at this silver beauty!
Handmade Moroccan leather pouffe in a traditional drum shaped design.

Beautifully hand stitched!

Golden traditional and contemporary leather pouffes.
Square pouffe is made with double layered leather.

Any color, any size or any design you desire!

I so love the Moroccan leather pouffes and they really look great in any interior. They can be used as footstools, decorative side tables, night tables etc.

If you like to own your own pouffe please contact me at for more details.

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