Tuesday 26 July 2011

Guesthouse Dar Zohra

The construction of Dar Zohra is slowly approaching the finish. Except for some minor details we have finished two rooms. Family and friends are currently putting the rooms to the test and so far so good!

The restaurant is finished and the waiting is for the kitchen instalment and oh, a wonderful chef! (Anyone out there who wants to take on the challenge of running a trendy restaurant in the Valley of Ourika?)

Hallway towards reception.

Lamp for the suite.

Room facing the West

Handmade torches.

Room facing West.


  1. Wow, it's just like a dream!

  2. Beautiful! When will you tell us how much a fortnight will cost in this precious surroundings? Or have you already and I have been too silly to notice? As for the trendy restaurant in the Ourika valley (what a dreamland!), hey, if you can find someone to finance it, I'm your man! As always, I wish you the best...

  3. Hello Dieter,
    Thanks so much for the comment! Keeping our room rates secret until the official Dar Zohra website is launched! Regardless, do come and visit whenever you're in Marrakech! Take care!