Sunday 15 May 2011

Objects Of Desire

For the people that know me it is no secret that I love beautiful things. Oriental things, old things, curious things, but in particular traditional tribal things. Objects that tell a tale, even if it derives only from the imagination of the observer. Things that are handmade, skilfully created with a dedication that deserves admiration.

During the construction of the guesthouse we’ve been collecting items for the furnishing and decoration of the rooms. Some things have come from far, shipped across the Arabian Sea and over the Atlantic Ocean. Closer by in Marrakech we stumbled upon a few great objects and several craftsmen who amazingly materialised our scribbled designs for furniture and lamps.

We are now decorating the rooms with the beautiful things we have found and purchased from near and far. Each room will be furnished a little bit different due to size and position and because objects of desire are generally unique.