Monday 1 November 2010

A Chest, A Bret And A Dried Fruit Basket

In Morocco you’ll find 1001 pretty things for sale and every day new items and designs are created in the workshops. Once you set off to find a particular item, you’ll find yourself bedazzled by the choice and colours available.

In the souk of Marrakech the shop keepers have mastered the art of alluring displays and it is hard to ignore all that is available! To make things a little easier the souk is divided into sections where you'll find the leather items, ceramics, brass items, fabrics, spices etc. For every taste there is something available and the designers are well aware of fashion and trends in Europe.

It has taken me a while but I've learned to resist many temptations. However, there are exceptions and occasionally we stumble upon something particularly pretty, like this old Berber chest with wood carving. It has travelled in a truck from the South of Morocco and takes seven men to lift. We have planned for it to decorate the restaurant.

A used Moroccan bret (tea pot) has become a very popular item amongst foreigners living in Morocco and tourists. The great demand has increased prices of the old brets but they are still reasonbly easy to find and a lovely sight on a traditional tea tray.

Recently in Fez we found a black and white dried fruit basket which we couldn’t resist. In Morocco it is used to serve dried fruits. They can be found in different sizes and every imaginable colour combination with silver or brass coloured plates.

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