Wednesday 16 June 2010

A world of differences

Work and fun, we’re good at that and Essaouira is the ideal place. Off we were last weekend to this lazy town to check up on the wood work and of course for a little sun tan on the beach.

Essaouira is already preparing itself for the coming annual Gnaoua World Music Festival. Stages are built on the main squares and visitors from all over the world are landing in the small town like flocks of birds. Hotels and guesthouses enjoy full occupancy, the terraces in the old medina are crowded and the town breaths the anticipation of the festival. Soon Essaouria will shake of its drowsiness to become the centre of Gnaoua music, an international meeting point where steady fans will celebrate joyful reunions. The transcendent sounds of rhythmic drums will fill the sky above the town and beyond while thousands of people swing their hips or tap their feet to the music.

The doors and window panes for Dar Zohra are almost ready to install but still need a few adjustments to measure up to our ‘Dutch’ standards. The experience of building a guesthouse in Morocco has taught us one very simple lesson, never walk away when there is work in progress and expect great results! It is not a question of the incapacity of the craft men; it is all about what is generally regarded as acceptable or a job well done. The difference between our European demands and the Moroccan standard is great. Our expectations of the long term preservability of things are so much higher and hardly attainable in a society which in my opinion is mainly focussed on fast profit and lacks the desire for quality.

Women on the beach

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