Friday 2 April 2010

Spring holiday in the Valley of Ourika

The spring holiday has brought many tourists to the Valley of Ourika. From near and far people come to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful scenery. While we continue to work on our guesthouse visitor’s already stop on our parking to see the spectacular view and people often take great interest in the building progress.

We are getting to know some of the driver’s and guides of the tourist busses who stop by regularly and have begun to follow the progress of the guesthouse. In their stories about the view and the douar on the other side of the river they now include details about the guesthouse and the building techniques!

Yesterday we spent the morning mingling with the passers by and taking photos of our view. Part of the guesthouse in progress is visible on the picture above. Below a photo of the view from the parking.

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  1. Wow, your guesthouse looks wonderful already. I love the stonework, and of course the view. Best of luck to you and I hope construction goes smoothly and quickly. Your daughter must be loving the country life.