Thursday 18 March 2010

Morocco a fairy tale

Morocco is in many ways magical, bewitching. Even when the pink clouds make way for reality it still remains a fairy tale. Every fairy tale has a dark side, a battle to overcome, no gain without endurance and for me this very much applies to Morocco.

In this magical country things often take a very unexpected turn. Amazing coincidences, unexpected bending of circumstances and unimaginable surprises are always around the corner. We are learning to take things as they come, we celebrate our good fortune and continue to sing and laugh when the going gets tough. And somehow, in an almost magical way, a seemingly insurmountable problem always leads to a happy end.

The three leading ladies of the Disney classics have mastered the art of endurance. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White continued to sing and laugh under miserable circumstances and their admirable stamina eventually leads to happily ever afters.

Our three year old daughter is under the spell of fairy tales and life in Morocco has enhanced her faith. Without the slightest doubt she points out to us where the dwarfs and elf’s can be found and when I look at the stunningly beautiful nature that surrounds us, often so peaceful, so pure and untouched, it is only my conditioned mind that dissuades me from believing that this is truly the earth of fairies.

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