Monday 8 March 2010

Aphrodisiac in Essaouira

A wonderful thing about living in Morocco is that we get to discover places without the rush to see as much as we can in a short lapse of time. There is always an opportunity to return and explore more or experience again and again and again whatever we find enjoyable.

Something very enjoyable in Essaouira is a candlelight dinner in Restaurant Laayoune. Almost each visit to Essaouira takes us to this little restaurant located in one of the small streets in the old town. They serve a delicious tagine pil pil which is a spicy prawn dish flavoured with garlic and a typical Essaouirian mix of spices.

Only recently I learned that this particular dish is locally reputed for its aphrodisiac properties. The combination of prawns with these specific spices apparently stimulates the vigour of men. It is presumed to be general knowledge and often leads to chuckling and subtle jokes between men.

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