Tuesday 23 February 2010

A winter tale

Each season has its own beauty and hardship and maybe this applies the most for the winter season in the Atlas Mountains. On a cloudless day in the winter the mountains seem to appear just a short breath away from Marrakech, almost like a wall decoration behind a sofa. As we drove home today along the old city wall in Marrakech, leaving behind us the heart of the city, the snow covered mountains appeared in front of us seemingly approachable with a forward stretch of the arm. In reality the distance from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains is at least 35 km. This spectacular view is a typical beauty of the winter season when the sky is often clear.

However, despite my incredible appreciation for winter’s beauty I really, really need to tell you about the freezing cold! Our house is build with massive pieces of rocks gathered near the river which offers a comfortable coolness during the summer heat but leaves us chilled to the bone in the winter. A gas heater, cuddling up under blankets on the sofa and double layers of clothing makes it reasonably bearable but it hasn’t prevented the three of us coughing and sneezing away.

But, redemption is on its way! An ingenious heating system is at this very moment on transport by truck from Holland. It is now only a matter of time before we can comfortably wander from room to room in the luxury of warmth.


  1. molto bello! guardo queste foto penso a come sono Diversi i luoghi su questa terra, di come tu viva in Un'altra dimensione al momento, Dalla mia lontana realtà ... ma non dal mio cuore!

  2. Hey Daan, Eric en Zohra, veel succes met het bouwen van een guesthouse. Zal jullie trouw volgen via je blog. Leuk om te lezen!! Groetjes Carola

  3. Geweldig idee! Zo kan ieder de Vorderingen volgen en een beetje met jullie meegenieten. Gelukkig komt de lente er zo aan. Nog even .... Liefs Laura

  4. Hi Daan, Het ziet er fantastisch uit. Ik kijk nu al uit naar je volgende verslag.... Liefs, Edith

  5. Hallo Daantje en Erik,

    Het gaat Vast en zeker prachtig worden. Ik heb nog altijd fijne herinneringen aan de paar dagen in het Ourikadal. Wie weet komt het er nog eens van om te logeren in jullie guesthouse.

    Hartelijke groeten, Bertina

  6. mi piace il nome La Casa di Zohra, buona idea! Una suite Arreda pensando a me, Che Possa esprimere il mio carattere ed il mio modo di Essere .... così poi vengo. ma non è che poi rimani per sempre lì?