Saturday 27 February 2010

A trip to Oukaimeden

Today was a national holiday on which the birth day of the
Prophet Mohammed was celebrated. In Marrakech the temperature reached 34ºC but we decided to drive up to Oukaimeden to throw some snowballs.

Oukaimeden is the second largest skiing resort of Morocco and good for two month’s of winter sport during the winter season. The skiing facilities are somewhat modest but there are rumours about improvements in the near future.

On a day off Moroccans love to go on short trips for some natural scenery and extensive picnics so we were not the only ones with the idea to visit Oukaimeden. Long chains of cars climbed up the 30 km road from the Valley of Ourika making the trip a little challenging because at several points the road is not wide enough for two cars passing in each direction. When you find yourself driving at the side of the road next to the abyss this can be slightly nerve wrecking!

The road ends at the ski resort and once we parked our car we took a walk up to a small plateau from where a spectacular panoramic view of the High Atlas ranges is visible. Although a fierce wind almost blew us of our feet, we managed to take pretty pictures of the awesome view. We are happy to share some with you.

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